Breast Procedures in Lexington

Breast Augmentation

Body Spectrum Plastic Surgery often works with patients who would like to increase and restore the fullness of their breasts. Your breast size and shape can change dramatically as you age. This is a result of pregnancy, nursing, or naturally smaller breasts. Whatever the reason, breast augmentation from Body Spectrum Plastic Surgery is the safe solution to your needs. We were here from the original silicone first generation devices, thru the saline-only years and now we have many options for our patients. Whether above the muscle or below the muscle, saline, silicone, we have many photographic cases to share in your quest for enhancement and the best results. It seems that this procedure is becoming more popular for women, even before bearing children!!

What to expect

Breast augmentation is the use of breast implants to do the following:

  • Improve self-confidence
  • Restore breast symmetry
  • Increase breast fullness
  • Improve projection/ nipple position.

The Recovery Process

While most patients could return to desk- work within a few days, rigorous activity capability takes a bit more time, approximately three to six weeks. We do recommend post-op bra wear for two weeks, which the out- patient will provide for you. We will guide you through this process and advise you to keep your appointments with Dr. Barton. The ultimate healing and cosmetic result often takes four to six weeks to appreciate…please be patient! Suture line care after surgery is very important to minimize adverse scars. We will help you, as well.

Breast Lift

One of the most sought-after operations we offer at Body Spectrum Plastic Surgery is the breast lift. You might have heard it referred to as a mastopexy. They are the same procedure.

What does a Breast Lift Do?

A mastopexy accomplishes three main goals:
  • Elevates: Over time, breasts sag. This procedure returns them to the desired position.
  • Re-aligns: If your areolas or nipples point down, to the side, or in different directions, a breast lift can make them symmetrical.
  • Rejuvenates: Pregnancy, sun exposure, weight loss, and age can cause your breasts to lose substance. A mastopexy will help bring back that firmness.

What happens during a Breast Lift?

Procedures will vary, but most breast lifts take up to four hours to complete. The most common surgical incisions are designed to minimize the visibility of scars.

How long will it take to recover?

You will need to rest after your surgery. Bandages must remain in place for a few days. After they’re removed, you’ll wear a specialized surgical bra. Most patients report some discomfort because of limited movement.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is an enhancement procedure that reshapes the breasts in order to make them smaller, lighter, and firmer. This is accomplished by removing excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin. Large breasts can cause physical pain as well as emotional and social anxiety. Women who take advantage of the breast reduction procedure find that they are able to lead a healthier, more comfortable life. This is in addition to enjoying a beautiful, more proportionate appearance.

Reasons for Considering a Breast Reduction

  • Back, neck, or shoulder pain caused by heavy breasts
  • Sagging breasts produced by their large size
  • Disproportionate body frame attributed to over-sized breasts
  • Restriction of physical activity due to the size and weight of the breasts
  • Painful bra strap marks and/or rashes as a result of breast size.

General Procedure

Techniques for breast reduction vary; however, the most common procedure involves an incision that circles the areola. From the areola, the incision goes down and follows the natural curve under the breast. The surgeon then removes excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin. Next the nipple and areola are repositioned to a higher position. They are held in place by stitches. Occasionally, liposuction alone can be used to reduce breast size. The best procedure can be determined during the initial consultation visit.


Of all procedures, breast reduction results in the fastest body-image changes. Patients are pleased with the elimination of physical pain caused by the larger breasts. They’re also pleased with a better proportioned body, resulting in an enhanced appearance and better fitting clothes.

Recovery Process

Generally, post-op instructions call for plenty of rest and limited movement. This is to speed up the healing process and reduce recovery time. Bandages are applied immediately following the surgery to aid the healing process and minimize movement. A specialized surgical bra is necessary for several weeks after the bandages are removed. Patients sometimes report minor pain associated with surgery. While complications are rare, patients are able to minimize potential problems by carefully following the instructions given after surgery.