Cosmetic Enhancement Procedures

Body Spectrum Plastic Surgery in Lexington, KY offers a wide variety of plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement procedures. If you wish to schedule an appointment for an initial consultation, call us at 859-224-1235. Perhaps you just have a question or two or perhaps you even want a second opinion after appointment elsewhere, we are here to help and guarantee personal attention and an unbiased opinion! Remember, the thinking patient is our best customer!


Changing the body’s appearance is often times more involved than just eating a well balanced diet and exercising regularly. Even the strictest of diet and exercise regimens are sometimes not enough to eliminate fatty tissues stored in the body. We offer safe and effective procedures that will assist you in achieving the body of your dreams. Talk to the doctor during your initial consultation about body contouring options. Also, we would advise that traditional lipo procedures may deliver more certain results the first time when compared to newly advertised fat dissolving techniques which are time consuming and may frequently be of minimal benefit.


The size and shape of a woman’s breasts can often play a critical role in a woman’s self image. Those that are not happy with their breast size can often feel self-conscious or even embarrassed about their appearance. We offer a variety of breast enhancement procedures that will give the breasts a more balanced, symmetrical look while still appearing natural and beautiful. Talk to the doctor during your initial consultation about the available breast enhancement procedures.


Facial cosmetic surgery has progressed quite a bit from it’s humble beginnings. Technological advancements alone have provided the industry with a much broader range of options. We offer a variety of facial surgery and facial rejuvenation procedures that will enhance the natural beauty of your face. Talk to the doctor during your initial consultation about your goals for facial rejuvenation.

Genital Surgery

In response to television popularization of female genital surgery, years ago we incorporated labial surgery into our armamentarium, and various other adjunctive procedures. These techniques offer rapid healing and satisfied patients!